"It's not MY problem...", but it is.

We flush our toilets, put our garbage out to be picked up, put all kinds of things down the drain because we don't want it in "our" space. Where do we think that goes, and what do we think is happening to "that" space"? It's our world, folks, our island home and we're trashing it; killing its inhabitants, poisoning our oceans, and acting like it's always going to "recover". 

Think about it. Would you do that to your house or your yard? To your private source of drinking water? Well, guess what? You, and all of us, are! Cleaning up "our space" by throwing out is only hiding the problem. 

Reuse! Recycle, and Respect old Mother Earth. She's all we have and we can all impact the trajectory we're on. Especially this holiday season when we're contributing all the extra packaging materials and transportation pollution. If you order on line, they're further packaging already packaged materials, adding that much more to the refuse pile. Again, put that into the context of all that stuff in "your" space rather than the landfills. I hope that sobers you up a bit, because it does me. We're at the point of throwing away more than we consume and that's not sustainable. 

"Our space" is rapidly being ruined by all the "garbage" we're putting "somewhere else". 

"Pave paradise and put up a parking lot". Great song; bad idea! 

Get with the program, my fellow inhabitants, and let's save this planet from ourselves. Don't fool yourself into thinking it's going to save us and itself. It will let us destroy until we're destroyed, and then maybe it will recover. 

Gods Peace...


Merry Christmas

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